Cool Stuff I’ve Built with SuperHi

SuperHi is an online education platform that teaches code, design and product management skills “that bring creative visions to life”. They offer a wide variety of resources and support, and having taken a few courses with them already, I can easily say that they’ve been integral to my growth in web development. Because of their importance to me, I wanted to share some cool projects I’ve built with them and what they taught me!

Javascript for Designers: Project 1

This was the first project I had ever built with SuperHi! It taught some JS fundamentals (let vs. const, functions, querySelectors) and made me fall in love with event listeners and the ✨ magic ✨ of click events.

Javascript for Designers: Project 2

This project excited me so much, as I not only fell in love with the minimal and clean design, but the cool features that Javascript could build (like a sliding menu and random slideshow using mouseover and click events). It also solidified my knowledge with forEach() and and the use of querySelectors.

Animation for the Web: Project 2

For this project, I built a portfolio for the fictitious Jessie Cullen. I learned all about SVGs and and scroll effects, and it helped me realize that I am fully in love with web animations and all the possibilities of immense creativity they hold.

Animation for the Web: Project 3

Creating this project was a huge adventure in itself. I learned about animating SVGs and using CSS and JS to create a dark mode.

I hope you enjoy the projects I’ve built as much as I do, and if you have any questions about the courses/SuperHi in general I’m happy to answer them!



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