My (Coding) Journey So Far

I have always had a passion for coding, ever since I was a pre-teen editing Tumblr themes with the most basic HTML and CSS. Although I barely knew anything about coding at the time, there was something so special to me about the way that I could alter a page depending on what I typed. It felt like a magic power in a way. My passion for coding has stuck with me throughout the years, leading me to take classes, build my own prototype sites, and now be a student in Juno’s Web Development Bootcamp and fully transition into the world of tech.

I did not take any sort of coding or web development course throughout University, and ended up graduating with a double major in Political Science and Women & Gender Studies at the University of Toronto in 2018. I planned to go into political development, however after graduating, felt overwhelmed with possible career choices, a lack of inspiration and motivation, and decided to take a year off to work outside of my field and figure out what I really wanted to do with my life. During that year, I decided to revisit coding. My desire to build through code had never left me, and I wanted to see where that desire could take me. I ended up taking an HTML and CSS workshop with Canada Learning Code’s Ladies Learning Code, and fell in love with coding all over again. I learned to build a one-page website, and had the most amazing time. Seeing my thoughts and ideas come to fruition on a page, just like with the Tumblr themes a decade prior, was so exciting and incredible to me. After that workshop, I had planned to take more coding classes, however life got in the way and I ended up staggering, unsure of what my future would entail. That is until a few months ago, when I finally decided that coding was something that I really wanted to pursue, and enrolled in Juno’s Web Development course. Since the first day of class, it was like a spark had re-ignited in me. I found myself to be so passionate and excited about coding, and after each class was over I couldn’t wait for the next one to begin. Soon after that, I enrolled in Juno’s Accelerated Javascript course and absolutely loved it. I finally discovered that this was what I wanted to do in both my life and as a career, and applied for Juno’s Bootcamp. I was accepted, and have just finished my first week!

To be frank, discovering coding has been life changing for me. I went from someone unsure of my own abilities, goals and motivations, to someone who has become continuously inspired, motivated and eager to learn. My dream is to build beautiful, innovative and functional sites that are responsive and accessible to all. I want to endlessly learn how to make not only my code, but also myself better.

I can’t wait to experience more of bootcamp, and continue my journey into the world of tech!


Front-End Web Developer ☁️

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